Wellness Works

Wellness Works Mission


Through a cross coaching approach, Nutrition, Wellness and Fitness Coach Tammy Smith and Author & Energy Coach Sherianna Boyle will blend their unique styles to reboot your energy and health inside and out. Their workshops offer emotional insight, practical tools and nutrition education combined with fitness strategies, life coaching and yoga practices to help kick start or regain a life of confidence, healthy weight management, strength and ease.

Their motto is transformation needs to happen on both the inside and the out.


Who Can Benefit:

  • If you are an emotional eater
  • Are experiencing symptoms of fatigue, anxiety and stress
  • Feel stuck in your life
  • Are interested in learning better ways to handle your emotions
  • Looking for support and education for healthier food options
  • Wish to maintain a healthy weight
  • Looking for more ease and enjoyment
  • Are open to new ways of being

Our Workshops
Wellness Works workshops can be delivered in one day or as a weekend long retreat. The intention is to give participants tools and experiences that they can integrate right away into their daily life. Each participant will leave with a plan for handling stress, balanced eating, physical activity and happiness.