The 17-Day Diet

Creating A Healthy Balance 17-Day Diet Weight Loss Group

17 Day Diet Program:

This realistic weight loss program is based on Dr.Mike Morino’s 17 Day Diet book using real food. It consists of 4 cycles.



Accelerate, (cycle 1)- rids the body of sugar and promotes fat burning.

Activate, (cycle 2)- resets the body’s metabolism by increasing and decreasing caloric intake and also boosts fat-burning.

Achieve, (cycle 3)- assists in healthy eating habits through the re-introduction of certain foods.

Arrive, (cycle 4)- maintaining your goal weight by eating properly Monday-Friday and taking a break over the weekend to enjoy other foods.

Weekly nutrition topics will be discussed. Weekly weigh-ins and measurements will be taken if elected.

Vegetarian and vegan friendly: This diet has plenty of options that allow it to be followed by vegetarians and vegans.

*Gluten-free-friendly: It can be made gluten-free.

*Caters to many cuisines: It has options and other cuisines, making it region-friendly.

*High in fiber: It advocates eating plenty of high-fiber foods. Fiber may not only aid weight loss but also offers many other health benefits


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  • Weekly weigh-in day (can be private or public) Group camaraderie

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