Testimonials and Results

Testimonials from the programs Slim Down Saturday, Transformation Team, Eat Clean for 15:

It has been very hard for me to rise above my bad habits-having Tammy’s sweet and caring coaching, awesome energy and with a clear plan of action I could finally move from this stuck spot.



Before I had joined Tammy’s group Nutrition program, I had been working out for months with only a 2lb weight loss because I wasn’t eating properly. After 3 months with Tammy I was down 17 pounds, my blood pressure is now perfect and I have tons of more energy.



I have never stayed on a “diet” before. This particular program was easy to follow and being in a group made it easier. Tammy is so stimulating and knowledgeable that you “want” to do a good job. It is the best feeling to see that you are losing weight, getting stronger and knowing that you can follow this healthy eating plan for the rest of your life.



I liked all of the information that was handed to us. It was an eye opener. We are not safe in this society lifestyle, but Tammy gave us guidance. Thank you for this opportunity! We got the most for a price that doesn’t exist. It changed my lifestyle forever.



Thank you for offering a wonderful program. I enjoyed every minute of “Transformation”. I learned so much, lost weight, met new friends and even became a cook. Everything you do is well thought out and filled with energy. Thank You!



The numbers speak for themselves: