Nutrition Programs

If you pair regular exercise with a well-balanced diet, you’ll notice immediate changes in mood and energy levels. More importantly, consistently eating well and exercising will improve your health and extend your lifespan. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced exerciser, I am ready to help!

A Cleaner You (primary foods)

Upon first guess, you might think that Primary Foods are actual
food right? At least I did. But it’s the opposite. Primary Foods are
the most important things in our lives and impact our health far
more than the chia seeds. Primary Foods are broken down into
relationships, physical activity and recreation, career, finances,
community involvement, joy and spirituality. If these things are out
of whack in our lives, then we’re far less healthy. We’re far more
likely to have diseases, eat emotionally and far less likely to have
life satisfaction. Once we break through your Circle of Life, we can
begin to improve on those secondary foods referred to as your
nutritional diet.

Healthy Eating Program

4 visits (45 minute sessions) $150.00

This program discusses the latest in nutrition and our food industry. You will leave each session feeling educated and empowered to make healthier choices. A customized eating plan that fits your lifestyle will be created. Weigh-ins and measurements will be taken if desired.

Family and Couples Nutrition

4 visits (45 minute sessions) $150.00

The family and couples nutrition program is designed to get ”all members” of the family educated and “on board” to move together into a healthier lifestyle. This will be accomplished through education, demonstrations, grocery lists, cooking tips and recipes.

Swap This For That 

1 Single Visit $50.00

Show me what you eat and learn how to “crowd out” less nutritious foods while
introducing new foods that you will enjoy.
Small swaps can make a big difference.

17 Day Diet Program

5 visits (30 minute sessions) $150.00

This weight loss program is based on Dr. Mike Moreno’s book 17-Day Diet. It consists of 4 cycles. Accelerate, (cycle 1)-rids the body of sugar and promotes fat burning. Activate, (cycle 2)-resets the body’s metabolism by increasing and decreasing caloric intake and also boosts fat-burning. Achieve, (cycle 3)-assists in healthy eating habits through the re-introduction of certain foods. Arrive, (cycle 4)-maintaining your goal weight by eating properly Monday-Friday and taking a break over the weekend to enjoy other foods. Weekly nutrition topics will be discussed. Weekly weigh-ins and measurements will be taken.

Staying Focused/Accountability Program

6 visits (20 minute sessions) $150.00

This program is for those individuals who have completed one of the above programs or those with nutrition knowledge and would like to continue a little longer on their journey to better health and optimal weight.


Grocery Store Tour


The best place to start any weight loss program or healthy eating program is in the grocery store. Let me help you navigate the aisles, debunk the false “food claims” and help you to plan healthy meal ideas. Sticking to a new regimen involves planning ahead!

My Lectures & Workshops

These talks are designed to be both a one-time discussion or part of an ongoing series. Topics include: Sugar Blues, Get Fooducated to Read Food Labels, Get lean, Eat Clean, How Toxic is Your Daily Routine, and more. Watch my newsletter for upcoming events.