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On Monday, June 8th Creating a Healthy Balance kicked off our first 17-Day Diet Program!
We work off Cycle one and Cycle two of The 17-Day Diet which is based around the book by Dr. Mike Marino.
Typically the 17-Day Diet is divided into four cycles: Accelerate, Activate, Achieve, and Arrive. We focus on the first two cycles which last 17 days each. You can go for as long as you like or as little as you would like depending on your goals. We tweak this challenge to make it our own!

The first cycle of the 17 Day Diet is the Accelerate cycle.

*Increasing your protein intake.

*Improving digestive health.

*Reducing sugar, sweets and refined carbs.

*Clearing your body of possible toxins that affect your metabolism.

During this phase, you’re allowed to eat unlimited protein and vegetable options from the specified Accelerate foods list. Most carb-rich foods are banned during this cycle.
However, fruits are an exception — though you’re not allowed to eat any fruit after 2 p.m. if possible and vegan choices beans and quinoa allowed once per day

Drink eight 8-ounce (240-ml) glasses of water each day.

Exercise at least 17 minutes per day.

The second cycle of the 17 Day Diet is the Activate cycle.

During this cycle, you alternate between the Accete and Activate. On higher-calorie days, you can add two servings of naturally higher-starch carbs, such as legumes, grains, tubers and root vegetables.
To follow this cycle, spend one day on the Accelerate plan, the next day on the Activate plan. The Activate cycle adds plenty of new food options.
This cycle will help to reset your metabolism.

Vegetarian and vegan friendly: This diet has plenty of options that allow it to be followed by vegetarians and vegans.

*Gluten-free-friendly: It can be made gluten-free.

*Caters to many cuisines: It has options and other cuisines, making it region-friendly.

*High in fiber: It advocates eating plenty of high-fiber foods. Fiber may not only aid weight loss but also offers many other health benefits

Join Tammy’s Facebook group:
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Once signed up you will receive:

Support each day
A downloadable Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 chart
A Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 food-list
Daily recipes
A weekly group 17 day diet Zoom meeting
Weekly weigh in day (can be private or public)
Group camaraderie

We’ll be starting another signup cycle for our 17-Day-Diet program soon…
Together we’ll shed those extra pounds, come and join us!!